La Maison de la télédétection de Montpellier 

Built in 1994 in Montpellier-Agropolis, the House of Remote Sensing in Languedoc-Roussillon mainly brings together teams belonging to research and training organizations, AgroParisTech, CIRAD, IRD and Irstea, based in Agropolis. These teams are dedicated to remote sensing and more broadly to spatial information. They are organized in two mixed research units, the TETIS research unit and the Space-Dev research unit. These UMRs make a major contribution to GEOSUD Equipment of Excellence and to the THEIA Continental Surfaces Theme Pole. These major projects will provide in 2014 with a satellite reception antenna on the site. 20 years after its construction, the House expands and doubles in size with the construction of an extension offering a satellite reception room directly connected to the antenna, a conference room and five training rooms, as well as new offices . The House of Remote Sensing in Languedoc-Roussillon also hosts other structures which also work in the field of remote sensing and spatial information.