THEIACreated in 2012 with the support of 12 French research organizations, the Theia continental surface data and services cluster pursues four main objectives:
         • 1. Promoting and facilitating access to spatial Earth observation data;
         • 2. Developing value-added products for the scientific community and public stakeholders;
         • 3. Networking scientists and users;
         • 4. Promoting French research on a European and international scale.

Theia develops and distributes value-added products from high-resolution remote sensing: land use, snow cover, soil moisture, etc. Dedicated to land surfaces, these products are freely accessible to scientists and public and private actors.

Thanks to its scientific leadership, Theia is building a network of skills, notably through leadership in different French regions and in southern countries, and supplying more than 400 laboratories and more than 100 doctoral schools throughout the country.

Theia is now an active member of the Earth System Research Infrastructure, Data Terra.

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